About Us

HCP eLearning is here to support Medical Staffing Agencies with compliance training for Healthcare Professionals. Our objective is to assist staffing agencies with meeting their in-house training needs and being in compliant with MDH training requirements.

HCP eLearning Platform
Mr. Charles Dwamina — Founder & CEO.

Why HCP?

The HCP eLearning platform was designed to meet the Minnesota State required compliance training for Medical Staffing Agencies providing qualified Healthcare Professionals to other clinical facilities for lease. In the current COVID environment it is important that HCPs continue to maintain the skills necessary to perform their duty.

We continue to update our courses to meet the highest of standards. The use of this platform is strictly to support Agencies that are require to keep their staff in compliant with the necessary training required to meet the needs of Long term facilities, Group Homes and Hospitals. 

Meet Our Team

Our team participated in the creation of most of the courses on this platform and have an extensive background in the Medical field.

Jeremiah Pojah, RN

Lead Instructor and CEO of NAMACO… 

Angie Chubby, RN

CEO, Minnesota Rescue Nurses…

Alex Jones

Developer and content creator… 

William Davis

Content creator, Audio and visual creator… 

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Working as an registered nurse required one to be up to date with all the necessary training to be compliant. The HCP eLearning platform is a great tool to keep me in compliant .
Kelvin Black
From Minnesota, USA : RN
Working as a pool staff is challenging as it is, so keeping up to date with training is vital to my success on the field. I do recommend this platform for all working as a pool staff..
Zasha Swan
From Minnesota, USA : DSP
A1 Staffing depends on Hcp eLearning to keep its staff in compliant. The easy of access to highly veted courses allows us to focus on the core mission of our business..
Frank Jones
From St, Cloud Minnesota, USA
We highly recommend Hcp eLearning to any supplemental medical staffing agency looking for a platfomr to meet your in-house traing needs.
Jack Brown
From Minneapolis, Minnesota USA : Time Staffing