Vulnerable Adult Abuse: Awareness of Fundamental Practices

This course will go over the details of vulnerable adult abuse. Most importantly, this course will help you understand vulnerable adults, the risk of abuse, how to recognize abuse, and what can be done about it. The course introduces vulnerable adults and the importance of safeguarding vulnerable adults. You will understand who is responsible for safeguarding vulnerable adults, what legislation applies to vulnerable adults, and their fundamental rights. In later modules, we’ll discuss the concepts of abuse and neglect when it comes to vulnerable adults, the signs of abuse and neglect, the importance of identifying abuse, and the various barriers we encounter in recognizing abuse inflicted on vulnerable adults.
Detecting abuse and preventing it is an important practical aspect of understanding vulnerable adult abuse. So, we’ll go over the modes of communicating, assessing, and reporting maltreatment and understand what goes into these investigations. These topics are geared to orient you with vulnerable adult abuse, neglect, and maltreatment and understand how the prevention and support system works.

Course Content

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Module 1: The Fundamental Principles of Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Module 2: Vulnerable Adult Abuse: Types and Barriers
Module 3: Detection, Prevention, and Treatment of Abuse and Neglect
Module 4: Dealing with Disclosures of Abuse and Immediate Incidents
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