Module 1: Introduction to Dementia
Module 2: Dementia Stages and Assessment
Module 3: Behavioral Symptoms and Non-Pharmacological Therapies
Module 4: Palliative Care and Medication Use in Dementia Care
Module 5: Dementia and Caregiving
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1.4 Rights of Dementia Patients

People with dementia often face prejudice and treatment that violates their human rights. This is why dementia patients are strict about being treated with a human rights based approach, which means any sort of discrimination against them is prohibited.

People with dementia may experience prejudice and treatment that violates their human
rights because of the following:

  • Ageism
  • Inability to challenge and report issues when they happen
  • Lack of mental capacity.

With a human rights-based approach, people and communities should respect the rights of those with dementia, giving them more control over their lives and enhancing their quality of life. This strategy should enable those with dementia to:

  • Know and use their rights, particularly when they feel that they are being violated
  • Impose obligations on people and organizations to uphold, defend, and fulfill their rights
  • Be at ease knowing that health, social care, and municipal services will comprehend their needs and offer the best possible care.
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