Module 1: Introduction to Dementia
Module 2: Dementia Stages and Assessment
Module 3: Behavioral Symptoms and Non-Pharmacological Therapies
Module 4: Palliative Care and Medication Use in Dementia Care
Module 5: Dementia and Caregiving
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2.2 Dementia Diagnosis

There isn’t a standard test that can identify dementia in a person. Doctors identify Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia based on a thorough medical history, physical examination, lab testing, and the specific cognitive, functional, and behavioral
impairments unique to each type.
Formal tests evaluate several cognitive abilities, such as executive function, episodic memory, language, visual and spatial skills, and attention. Interviewing the person about changes in their cognitive abilities as well as a close relative, friend, or carer is also beneficial.

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