2.7 Why do Abuse and Neglect occur?

Abuse and neglect can happen anywhere, towards anyone, by any person. Vulnerable adults are just more at risk of this abuse due to their vulnerability, whether it is due to their age or a disability of any kind.

It also becomes easy for the abusers of vulnerable adults to carry on the abuse without much scrutiny in many cases. Family members that might be exploiting their elderlys finances might be able to get away with their abuse because people are unlikely to suspect them of it.

Other examples may include sexual abuse of vulnerable adults because they cannot understand what is happening, such as people with severe mental disabilities.

Often, vulnerable adults lack the support around them to come forward about any form of abuse that they might be suffering. They might be fearful of their life, being threatened, or unable to understand that theyre being abused.

Vulnerable adults are also more at risk for abuse because while there is now ample awareness about minors at risk, adults can be overlooked when it comes to people recognizing signs of abuse.

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