3.4 Reporting Requirement

Under Minnesota law, the following professionals are required to make reports for abuse against vulnerable adults:

A professional or professional’s delegate while engaged in:

  • social servicesĀ 
  • law enforcement
  • education
  • the care of vulnerable adults
  • any of the occupations referred to in section 214.01, subdivision 2
  • an employee of a rehabilitation facility certified by the commissioner of jobs and training for vocational rehabilitation
  • an employee or person providing services in a facility as defined in subdivision 6
  • a person that performs the duties of the medical examiner or coroner. Any other person may make such a report.

In the state of Minnesota, all maltreatment reports need to be submitted to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC). A report also needs to be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health and law enforcement in certain applicable cases.

All reports are screened by the MAARC. They are then referred to the concerned country agencies, law enforcement agencies, the medical examiner, ombudsman, or other organizations for an appropriate investigation of the case and a determination of the alleged abuse or any other required resolution.

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