4.3 Measures Against Transmission

In infection control and prevention efforts, measures must be taken against the spread of disease. This is targeted toward pathogen transmission, for which the first step is understanding exactly what kind of pathogen is spreading the disease and its mode of transmission.

Once the pathogen and its transmission modes have been identified, strict interventions are required to ensure the pathogen is not being passed on to healthy individuals. These measures can include isolating the pathogenic material if it has been identified, taking measures to limit access to it, isolating infected individuals from the healthy population, and taking sanitary precautions against the pathogen spread.

For vector-borne diseases, for example, it is necessary to element as many vectors as possible that could spread the disease. For example, mosquito control for the spread of malaria and dengue. Similarly, strict quarantines are required for airborne diseases. Quarantines and isolation are necessary protocols against rapidly spreading infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

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