4.5 Administrative Controls

Administrative controls include policies and protocols implemented by authorities to prevent patients and staff from known disease spread. These policies require adequate changes or additions to working rules as well as measures taken for adequate flow of information, training, and supervision.

New protocols have to be implemented on an administrative level during a confirmed disease spread or threat. These protocols can include but are not limited to space control, forming cohorts, and separating groups. Areas can be restricted appropriately to the level of threat a pathogen might present.

Additional equipment such as PPEs, biohazard suits, and masks might be required, and equipment separation between departments might be implemented.

For outpatient care, administrative controls might limit the access to waiting areas, allocate specific resources for non-emergency patients, or even limit care for patients based on current policy. Masks and gloves might be made mandatory for all visiting patients to the facilities, along with guidelines on additional sanitary precautions that might be required.

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