5.1 Mandated Reporters

Mandated reporters are professionals or professional delegates who work in social services, law enforcement, education, direct care, licensed health and human services professionals, employees of licensed facilities, medical examiners, or individuals involved in coroner activities.

These individuals are identified by law and are required to report any incidents of vulnerable adult abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect.

If a case of abuse or neglect is found, mandated reporters must call 911 and then formally report the alleged mistreatment to the MARC in case of an emergency situation.

In some cases, reporters are also required to inform law enforcement if they suspect a crime has occurred against the victim. However, mandated reporters must notify the MAARCP or CEP of any suspected incident even if no law enforcement report was made.

The identity of the mandated report is considered confidential and is not allowed to be disclosed.

Any professional who has failed to report maltreatment or is negligent becomes liable for damages caused by their failure. Furthermore, an individual who has purposely made a false report becomes liable in a civil suit for any damages suffered by the victim and attorney’s fees.

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