5.2 Best Practices/Instructions for Donning and Removing PPE

Donning PPE

1. Remove a plastic apron from the apron dispenser.

2. Put the apron on by slipping it over the neck and head.

3. Tie the waist ties and secure the apron to the body.

4. Perform hand hygiene and take a glove from the glove box.

5. While touching only a restricted surface of the glove (usually the top edge of the cuff), don the first glove.

6. Repeat the process with the other glove. Do not touch the skin of the forearm with the gloves.

Removing PPE

1. Without touching the skin of the forearm, pinch the glove at the restricted surface found at the wrist and peel it away from the hand, allowing the glove to roll inside out.

2. Take a firm grip on the removed glove, slip the fingers of the ungloved hand between the glove and wrist, and roll the glove down the hand, folding it into the first glove.

3. Discard the used gloves and perform hand hygiene immediately.

4. Grasp the restricted surfaces of the gown (usually behind the neck and at the back of the shoulders), tug gently to break the neck end, and roll the apron inwards.

5. Hold the sides of the apron at the waist level, tug gently to break the waist ties, and roll it inwards.

6. Discard the apron and perform hand hygiene immediately.

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