5.3 Responsibilities of a Caregiver

As a caregiver for someone with dementia, your responsibilities can include the following:

  • Organizing your loved one’s financial, legal, and medical affairs. While they can still make decisions, try to involve them in the planning process. Later, you will need to take over managing their funds and bill-paying.
  • Assessing their home to ensure it is secure and suitable for their requirements.
  • Keeping an eye on their driving skills. You could choose to employ a driving expert to evaluate their driving skills. You need to ensure that your loved one stops driving when it becomes unsafe for them.
  • Encouraging the person you care about to exercise. They might find it more enjoyable to exercise together.
  • Ensuring that the food of the person you care about is healthy.
  • Assisting with daily activities like eating, taking medicine, and bathing.
  • Cooking and performing housework.
  • Doing errands like grocery and clothing shopping.
  • Offering companionship and assistance.
  • Arranging for medical treatment and deciding on health matters.
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