5.4 Clinical Care Staff Guidelines

To maintain infection control in the operating room, you must: 

  1. Consider each procedure as a potentially infectious disease source for patients and staff.
  2. Put on surgical scrubs and gowns properly.
  3. Maintain strict operating room clothing and protective equipment standards.
  4. Follow the proper procedure in the event of a Sharps injury.
  5. Limit the number of employees and their movements.
  6. Avoid shaving before surgery and adequately prepare the insertion site.
  7. Give antibiotic surgical, preventative treatment at the time of anesthesia induction.
  8. Treat infected cases before surgery if possible.
  9. Ensure the operating room is neat. a. Maintain the air adequate ventilation in the operating room properly; b. Follow OT cleaning procedures.
  10. Sanitize, process, and sterilize equipment properly.
  11. Dispose of theatre waste promptly and appropriately.
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