5.4 How to Report Maltreatment?

All mandated reporters who suspect that a vulnerable adult faced maltreatment are required to report to the MAARC. To report means to submit a statement providing all the details relevant to the occurrence at the time the statement is being made.

To make the report, the primary standard followed is suspected maltreatment of a vulnerable adult. This means that the mandated reporter does not need evidence or first-hand knowledge of the occurrence of alleged maltreatment or any diagnosis of the adult before making the report.

If the mandated reporter has a legitimate reason to suspect that a vulnerable adult has been maltreated, or if the reporter has any knowledge that such an individual has been physically injured without any reasonable explanation, they are required to orally report the information to the MAARC.

This should be conducted within 24 hours of knowledge of the occurrence. The reporter is allowed to disclose any public data and/or medical records to the extent of being able to comply with the reporting duties only.

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