5.6 Reporting Maltreatment in a Department of Human Services (DHS) Licensed Facility

The Human Services Licensing Act MS 245A required facilities and services to have policies and operating procedures related to reporting suspected or alleged maltreatment of vulnerable adults.

They must have an internal reporting procedure that allows individuals to directly report to the MAARC/CEP instead of reporting to the designated facility reporter. Moreover, mandated reporters in a DHS licensed program who make an internal report to the designated facility are meeting their mandated reporting requirements.

After, it becomes the facility’s responsibility to submit the report to the MAARC/CEP. The facility must also respond to the report in writing within two working days to inform whether the report was made to the MAARC/CEP.

It is important to note that any written notices must protect the reporter’s confidentiality.

On the other hand, a facility may not stop a mandated reporter from reporting externally and is not allowed to retaliate in such cases if the mandated reporter reports the occurrence to the MAARC/CEP in good faith.

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