6.5 Compliance with Technical HIPAA Safeguards

Security safeguards are not solutions to issues; instead, they are a framework that provides entities with a process they can begin with to identify, manage, and deal with a threat. These effective security measures provide a reasonable path for HIPAA compliance.

The following can be beneficial to protect the data within the system of an organization:

Installing Firewalls

Firewalls will help detect suspicious information entering the system. So, threats can be prevented before the attackers reach the PHI.

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end encryption can help secure or lock information. So, even if an individual’s data is compromised, it will be unreadable.

Only authorized people would have access to the decryption process.

Secure Communication

Secure communication involves only certain parties. So, anyone entering the conversation as a third party will not be allowed to participate.

As a result, secure communication ensures the security of information exchanged between parties.

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