Module 1: Introduction to HIPAA
Module 2: Fundamentals of PHI
Module 3: The Privacy Rule – Uses, Disclosures, and Compliance
Module 4: The Security Rule – Uses, Disclosures, and Compliance
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Healthcare professionals are exposed to different data elements and sources used in healthcare, including medical reports, diagnoses, personal identification information, etc. So, it’s necessary for them to recognize the sensitive nature of protected health information (PHI) and maintain patient privacy.

Thus, in this course, we’ll look at the complex landscape of privacy requirements to better understand privacy laws and data protection.

We will focus on the federal privacy law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), its history, and how you can comply with it. Next, we will consider HIPAA’s requirements, its application, and how to implement measures to comply with it.

Understanding HIPAA rules is essential to ensure compliance. So, we’ll look at the four HIPAA rules: the Privacy Rule, the Security Rule, the Breach Notification Rule, and the Enforcement Rule and their components, goals, and implementation criteria.

We’ll look at the risks associated with security breaches, phishing, and ransomware, strategies for improving data protection, and Administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for preventing cyberattacks.

Moreover, we’ll look at real-world, practical case studies where technical, administrative, and physical safeguards helped healthcare providers maintain security against cyberattacks and prevent PHI losses.

These case studies will provide the necessary insight into how healthcare providers can safeguard their patients’ personal information (PI) while following the HIPAA compliance process and guidelines.

Thus, the main objective of this course is to provide the necessary information, up-to-date practical experiences, and data for healthcare providers to create policies that comply with HIPAA, ensuring PI and organizational safety.

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