1.1.2 Good Safeguarding Documentation

Appropriate documentation is a vital part of safeguarding as inaccurate or incomplete records have been known to cause challenges when it comes to protecting vulnerable individuals. Inaccurate or incomplete records also have an impact on the organizations and employees dealing with cases of abuse or neglect.

Documenting any signs of abuse calls for help, and intervention efforts is imperative in providing safety for vulnerable individuals. Documentation ensures that there is good communication between different organizations, legal departments, healthcare agencies, and any other groups that might need to be involved.

Correct documentation is vital for the legal process of all identified cases. It helps as evidence, which is required when various organizations need to conduct investigations and provide support. These organizations can include nonprofit organizations, statelevel authorities, federallevel authorities, healthcare agencies, etc.

Documentation also needs to abide by individual organization policies and procedures in line with the Data Protection Act of 2018.

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