1.3.4 Record

Once all the above steps have been addressed, documenting the process and making accurate, comprehensive reports for all cases of possible abuse on vulnerable adults is imperative for the entire safeguarding process.

Additionally, six principles guide the safeguarding process:

  • Empowerment
    Providing support and encouragement to vulnerable adults to make their own choices and give informed consent concerning their care.
  • Prevention
    Being mindful of the abuse mechanism and proactively preventing it from occurring for those at risk.
  • Proportionality
    Starting with the least intrusive intervention for the presented risk.
  • Protection
    Providing adequate support and any form of representation to vulnerable adults.
  • Partnership
    Collaborating with various organizations for the benefit of those at risk.
  • Accountability
    Providing transparent, responsible, and accountable services for safeguarding.
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