1.5.1 The Duties of the Provider-patient Relationship

The provider-patient relationship is a vital part of the healthcare system. It is the basis of trust and communication between healthcare providers and patients. The duties of both parties towards each other are of great importance.

Some examples of provider-patient duties include: 

  • Patient Awareness

The provider must be knowledgeable about the patient’s medical history, current health status, and any medications they are taking. They must also be aware of the patient’s allergies or sensitivities. 

  • Honesty

The provider should also be able to explain the risks and benefits of any treatments or medications they are prescribing. They should also be able to answer any questions the patient may have. 

Moreover, they should be honest and open with the patient about any treatments or medications they prescribe.

The duties of the patient include providing accurate information about their medical history and current symptoms, following the provider’s instructions, and being honest about any changes in their condition.

  • Care and Autonomy

The provider must be respectful of the patient’s wishes and autonomy. They should listen to the patient’s concerns and consider them when making decisions about their care. 

Moreover, the provider must provide accurate diagnosis and treatment and educate the patient about their condition and the best way to manage it. 

Providers should also respect patients’ autonomy and provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Additionally, they should be responsive to the patient’s needs and concerns and maintain open communication.

So, a provider is responsible for providing quality care, while a patient is responsible for providing accurate information and following the provider’s instructions.

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