5.7.1 Key Features of an Incident Report

There are some key features of an incident report:

  • Accuracy – All information included in the report must be factual and specific. It should contain specific details of the incident and avoid vague statements that are open to interpretation to prevent anyone from straying from reality.
  • Factual – Incident reports must be objective and contain supporting evidence to back up any claims made. It should not include any opinionated or biased statements. Any witness statements should be presented within quotations.
  • Complete – Incident reports must address all essential questions regarding the occurrence, such as what, where, when, why, and how. All records of the involved people must be mentioned, including details of witnesses. Any details that may help with the investigation should also be included to provide a complete record.
  • Graphic – All photos and videos of the incident must be attached as supporting evidence. Any written or physical evidence associated with the event must also be included to supplement the stated facts and provide more clarity to the authorities.
  • Valid – The details and evidence included in the incident report should be validated by the people involved in the incident to confirm the truthfulness and validity of the submitted report.
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