5.7.2 What to Include in an Incident Report?

The following list of information should be included in an incident report of maltreatment:

  • General information such as the location, time, and date of the event
  • The physical and environmental conditions of the area of the incident
  • The names and contact information of the people involved
  • The type of injury or harm that occurred due to the event
  • The statements of witnesses present at the time of the occurrence, if any
  • Any immediate treatment received by the vulnerable adult
  • The story of the incident and the actions of the people involved during the incident.

Mandated reporters must carefully assess the information they receive and ensure that they meet all reporting standards when submitting an incident report. It is likely that not all incidents will have all the information mentioned above.

All the available information must be reported in such cases, and any leads that could aid the investigation should also be included.

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