6.1.1 Who Conducts Maltreatment Investigations?

Maltreatment investigations can be conducted by three lead agencies. According to MS 626.5572, Subd. 13, the lead investigative agency is defined as the primary administrative agency responsible for investigating reports made under section MS 626.557.

Following are the three agencies that can act as a lead investigative agencies in a maltreatment investigation:

The Department of Health

It caters to all licensed facilities or those required to be licensed as hospitals, nursing homes, home care providers, boarding care homes, or residential care homes.

The Department of Human Services

It will be the lead investigative agency for all programs that are licensed or are required by law to be licensed as adult foster care, adult daycare, mental health programs, chemical health programs, or programs for people with developmental disabilities.

The County Social Service Agency

It is the lead investigative agency for all other reports, including reports regarding vulnerable adults receiving services from unlicensed personal care providers under section MS 256.0659.

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